The new Wear OS tile of YouTube Music lets you have easy access to recently played songs

YouTube Music has got only an app for Wear OS since the last fall, launching years after the service replaced Play Music which is Google’s Spotify competitor. With the latest update, users can access their favorite albums as well as songs. The latest version of YouTube Music has got new tile highlighting anything that has been recently played from your library. As with all of the other Wear OS tiles you can access it by swiping right from your selected watch face once it is added to your collection.
By tapping on the highlighted album or a song immediately starts playback and when you select ‘Browse’ open the app directly. If you are listening to something you will miss out on ‘Browse’ button and the tile will serve as shortcut to your ‘New Playing’ page. If you are annoyed of opening the app on your wrist it is a very useful shortcut for resuming all of your favorite tunes. It is coming up as part of YouTube Music v5.06.40 on WearOS.

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