YouTube Short is introducing Green Screen feature for iOS and it will come to Android later this year

TikTok has to be the biggest social media phenomenon of 2020s. It was originally known as and it has brought the resurgence of the short video format after the rise and fall of Vine in the previous decade. TikTok has also spawned many clones and one of them is YouTube Shorts, a section of YouTube that focuses on videos which are less than minute in length. As it is getting popular so Google has decided to add some more feature similar to TikTok. The latest one of them is green screen.
As announced by YouTube, the new Green Screen feature is the newest way of remixing a video on YouTube Shorts. You can use it on any of the existing YouTube video or short and a photo or video in your gallery and record yourself with whatever color that is being keyed out. You can use or mute audio from original source. The end product will be a Short video so it has to be 60 seconds or less.
In order to use this feature all you have to do is to head over to Create > Green Screen under any video which you are watching, or you can look for the option in 3-dot menu in your Short view. It is on iOS at the moment and Android users will get it in coming months. At the moment most of the Shorts is nothing but TikTok reuploads so by adding the creator features to the app could boost growth of an exclusive community of creators.

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