YouTube Music on Android is coming up with a User Interface redesign for playlists

YouTube Music’s playlists are considered as one of its biggest draws and it appears that Google is testing a UI redesign for them in its mobile app. A user from France has shared on Reddit that the YouTube playlist interface on his Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 and it has been changed significantly. And it seems to be a test for further update.
In the new user interface the top of the playlist shows name of the person who is its creator and when the playlist was last updated. The cover art has been centralized and below that is the name of playlist in large font. Up next is the list of other buttons like download, add to library, share, play and overflow appearing in straight line. The shuffle feature seems to be missing from the list. The changes have appeared in the playlist section and not for the albums. In the earlier testing phase it is still unclear if the changes will be made only to the playlists or of it will extend to other sections of YouTube Music. With the changes the user interface has got a clean look with control options in single line thus making it simple to navigate. The changes will also apply to self-made of community generated playlists as well as YouTube Music’s creations.

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