Google Translate has begun saving users’ search histories to their accounts

Google has said to its Translate users that an upcoming policy which was changed in 2020 may finally be taking place in 2022. This is not the first time the company was late to its own party. Few years ago it is reported on a warning prompt users were seeing on Translate telling them that the search history on the service would soon only be available for those who are logged into their Google account. Now users can save individual searches to individual devices which was better for privacy but not so good for continuity across the platforms.
Until yesterday people began collecting tips about new prompt telling users to either back up their Translate search history to their Google account, manage their activity logging or continue by using Translate without an account. Users can temporarily use app without an account by hitting their account avatar located at the top-right corner and then hit the down arrow next to their account information in order to switch it up. Id people want to sync their search history to cloud, they will have to make sure that the Web & App Activity control setting is turned on in Google account settings. Cloud synced Translate histories sync every few hours so that the locally-recorded histories remain local and up-to-date.

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