Microsoft is expecting a free, built-in VPN will get you to use Edge

Microsoft Edge has been improved greatly and since the browser has started using Chromium as its base and the company began adding its own enhancements on top, it actually provides nice browsing experience. Despite Microsoft;s best efforts and the fact that it is growing, Chrome still has got an indisputable market lead. The attempt to bridge the gap and get you switch while also enhancing your security and privacy includes in-browser VPN.
The feature was detailed on Microsoft support page. It is known as Microsoft Edge Secure Network and it is meant as means to equip yourself from insecure networks and shady websites. The feature is in a preview stage at the moment, you will require to log in with your Microsoft account for using it then head to the settings panel and then click “Secure Network” to turn it on. The VPN will provide you 1GB of free data each month. It is not clear whether you will be able to get or buy more data but free wording is indicating that might become a possibility in the future. It is far from browser only now a days equipped with a VPN. Opera has also got one and if you will pay, you can get an official VPN running in your Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome instances.

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