Google Search has started displaying detailed air quality information in the US

Google is working to make it very easy for all of us to access the information about the local air quality. In 2021, it pushed an update to its Nest Hubs for displaying your local AQI i.e Air Quality Index. Now the information is becoming available for more places as Google Search is starting to show the city-level air quality information.
By searching about air quality or air pollution on Google will display a card that breaks down the AQI nearby. The data is provided by and PurpleAir in US, which joins India and Australia, with access to card. You can specify a location during the search or click “Choose area” in order to display a list of the nearby air quality stations. Under the map you will get breakdown of stations that can easily be expanded to show detailed information and toggling “Include air sensors” will populate the map with pins for local AQI sensors. The interface of the map is pretty basic as you can not move around or zoom in and out which can make examining air sensors difficult.

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