The new custom notification alert of Telegram allows you to turn memes into message alerts

The popularity of Telegram has been overshadowed by WhatsApp but this messaging service is still very rich in terms of features and none of its competitors have come close to it. And the impressive part is the pace at which the features are coming. The developers behind Telegram love to send major updates on monthly basis. Last month a download manager was added and some user interface changes were also added. Now you can create your own notification tones, allowing you to turn your favorite music and memes into custom alert that can be assigned to any chats.
The latest update adds the custom mute duration thus finally doing away with default eight hours or two days options. These can easily be set through new streamlined menu that can be accessed through three-dot menu within any chat. It also allows you to access recently added auto-delete feature directly from profiles which when turned on lets you have more Snapchat -like experience where chats are deleted automatically at any set interval. Another notable change is that the reply previews are included when you forward messages to other chats.

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