Twitter’s Edit button has revealed it’s first look

The edit button of Twitter is coming soon and we have got the teaser of how the button look like on iOS. We have not seen yet what exactly will the workflow will be like. Famous Twitter sleuths Alessandro Paluzzi and Nima Owji have unraveled the parts of the workflow int he web version of the social network.
Palluzi shared a screenshot where he was able to activate a hidden editor for an existing tweet. It look exactly like the regular tweet editor save for small tweak. The “tweet” button at the bottom right corner is replaced with the one labelled ‘update’. Paluzzi also showed off what the edit button will look like in the existing tweet’s context menu where it is labelled “Edit Tweet.” Paluzzi was also able to pull up the interface, it is unlikely that allows you to change his tweets retroactively. This feature has not got a timeout, with Paluzzi being able to pull up interface for any of the old tweet, but everything we have heard about the edit button so far, that will not be the case when the feature will be launched. So far the Edit button will only be available for the verified accounts on Twitter.

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