WhatsApp may soon allow you to dictate messages through smart glasses

Have you ever thought of speaking to a pair of smart glasses in order to send a WhatsApp message without touching your phone? This may soon become a reality, it seems a specific feature for Facebook Assistant and it will be locked to Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses. Users have found out that string of data suggest a feature is being worked on to dictate messages through Facebook Assistant on specific wearable line.

It is being said that the upcoming feature would let the Ray-Ban Stories owners to dictate messages into the microphone on smart glasses. It would let you to instruct Facebook Assistant to message a friend on WhatsApp so that you could do this while walking down the street without touching the phone. Alongside the strings of code, it has also been found graphics that include smart glasses and the WhatsApp logo. This is a very specific use case as Ray-Ban Stories have not revolutionized the wearables market. Meta also wants to keep some of its WhatsApp features in-house and will be using Facebook Assistant to integrate rather than third-party services.

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