YouTube Shorts is planning to bring addictive scrolling energy to your Android tablet.

After the enormous success of TikTok many replicas have come up from different companies. Two of the famous ones are Reels from Instagram and YouTube Shorts. YouTube Shorts are integrated with one of the biggest video streaming platforms in the world i.e. YouTube. Now Google is expanding the support for Shorts to other platforms like web and the tablets in addition to expanding the content options for the creators to work just like TikTok.
Google has said that loads of changes are being made in order to bring Shorts to more audience and make it more versatile. YouTube Shorts will begin appearing on the web version of YouTube and on Android tablets as well as iPads. Google is also looking for recapturing the large screen market with Android 12L.
TikTok is still ahead of its competitors because it has got very powerful video editing and creation tools even allowing you to duet ans stitch videos from other users. YouTube Shorts are also getting the similar tools. It has been equipped with new ‘Cut’ feature will work identically as TikTok’s stitches, allowing you to grab a snippet from someone else’s video. If you want that others should not remix with your videos then you can opt out of this for your videos.

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