Pixel Pro 6 user has spotted face unlock feature

Pixel 4 came up with a face unlock feature in 2019 and Google seemed to soon think better this security measure and 4a and 5 functioned with the fingerprint sensors feature. In late 2021 Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro came out and there was no sign that face unlock was making its way back. Now reports are that Google may be planning to add the feature back into a future Android build.
Few people have encountered a face unlock option and they said that face unlock choice has appeared during the “Choose a screen lock” step of setting up the phone which is when users select alternate ways to unlock screens. The Face option showed with choices to set a password, PIN or pattern. The “face” feature has been buried inside a section of the security-related code since 2021 however, it only popped up as an option.

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