The latest interface tweak of YouTube Music makes Explore tab pointless

YouTube Music is famous for coming up with changes every now and then. Google is tweaking the app regularly in order to make it more competitive with its rivals like Apple Music and Spotify. Many of these changes are small and go unnoticed but many changes have major impact on how people use the app. It is streamlining the user exploration at the moment though it may have the Explore tab redundant in the process.
YouTube Music for Android as well as iOS has got an Explore section near Home feed. The change could have to do with the YouTube setting the stage to spotlight its podcast section which it may have to do to stay in running for user attention diverted by the offerings of Apple and Spotify. On a conclusive note we can say that it is heartening to keep YouTube Music as long as redundancies along the way like two exploration methods that lead you to same things.

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