YouTube TV has added new comedy and true crime channels to its lineup

Streaming cable services like Hulu, Sling and YouTube TV are turning into regular commercial television. They are adding more channels alongside occasional price increases. Though there are still many key differences from traditional cable TV providers. YouTube TV has added to its lineup of networks and the choices include many cable stalwarts. YouTube TV has took to Twitter and said that they are adding five new channels to its lineup.
These channels are G4 TV, Recipe.TV, The Weather Channel, Justice Central and Comedy.TV. With these new additions one can say that YouTube is getting serious about providing more content of cord-cutters who are not sure about seeking the alternative to traditional cable or satellite.
The Weather Channel is broadcasting for 40 years and is as big as cable mainstay as CNN. Recipe.TV is an impressive source for cooking enthusiasts. G4TV is another channel which was canceled in 2014 due to its small viewership. Justice Central is another channel which focuses on the endless true crime wave. Comedy.TV has been around for quite some time now but it is a low profile network.

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