WhatsApp could soon allow you create polls in group chats

Now a days most of the social media platforms are supporting the polls these days like Twitter, Facebook, and Telegram etc. WhatsApp is the main exception and it is weird one as it is the defacto standard messenger on most of the countries. So now being able to conduct the polls right there would be very handy. It seems WhatsApp is working on the polls. After following each screenshots of the feature we have now had the chance to take a closer look at it.
The latest update of WhatsApp beta for iOS has got the traces of feature that lets you to make the polls within the group chats. When creating a poll you need to enter a question with 12 possible answers. It is possible to rearrange them to you preferences. The report also say that only the group members should be able to see the polls and results. Though this feature has been spotted for the iOS app but we can expect it to arrive on Android soon. Apart from this, WhatsApp is also working on many new features and updates which include pause and resume function for voice messages and a revamped interface for the voice calls.

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