Google Translate now automatically switches Gboard language in a new update

Google Translate is a very handy tool when you need to quickly check the meaning of any unfamiliar word or for translating whole sentences. one of the minor issues is to switch between your default keyboard to that of foreign language anytime you need to type in Translate. This app is now receiving an update that will solve this issue.
The recent update of Google Translate adds the ability for Gboard on Android to switch your language when you input text in a language different from your default. Lets say you have English as your selected Gboard language, if you launch Google Translate and select Arabic, as your ‘Translate from’ language, Gboard will automatically switch to Arabic keyboard as soon as you open the text field to start typing. Similarly if you change to different language, say French, the keyboard will auto-switch from whatever language it was in before to French. Gboard will switch back to your default language after you exit the translation screen. Previously you have to tap the globe icon located on the left of the space bar if the language to be translated was one of your selected system languages. Otherwise you had to go into Gboard settings to select it manually. This update makes the things much more simple. When it comes to revamps we are still looking for Google’s promised update that will enhance “instant translation”, imported photo translation and captured image translation on Android.

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