WhatsApp is making it simpler and easier than ever to chat with new contacts

More than a decade ago from a humble beginnings on the iPhone, WhatsApp has grown to a must have messaging app for all and sundry. In USA it is the No. 1 messaging platform at the moment and despite being banned in China, it is still the No. 1 messaging app all around the globe. It has got more than 2 billion monthly users and 5 Billion Play Store downloads.
WhatsApp has improved the user experience to a great degree and now in addition to the new emoji and updated voice messaging which were released in this week now beta users are starting to see new tools to interact with phone numbers sent in the messages. Now when tapping a number from a chat, the previous behavior was to send that number to your dialer app so that you could get a call going. After this, WhtsApp presents a pop-up dialog first. The app checks to see if the line is associated with any WhatsApp account and if so provides you the option to start a chat with the user. This feature is showing up in the beta release at the moment for Android and is currently rolling out.

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