TikTok is coming up with a Watch History feature soon

TikTok is a fleeting experience by design and you scroll through your feed video by video hoping to come across something very funny, staggering or educational. Unless you share a clip it will disappear forever after few swipes. If you have ever lost a video which was worth-revisiting then there is a good news for you as TikTok is working on it now a days.
TikTok is planning to add a watch history to the app. According to some screenshots shared by XDA Developers, it will allow the viewers to go through the last seven days of the videos that they have viewed. They will be accessible via settings menu within the app. This feature is still in testing mode so it will take some time when it will be accessible to everyone. At the moment it is unclear who does and who does not have access to this feature. If it is in your phone then you will find it under ‘Content and Activity’ section on your preferences.
If you have forgotten to like a video then it is almost impossible to find that video unless you know who has uploaded that video and trying to find the video through the tags is nothing but a nightmare. If the video is viral enough you may find the mirrored versions on various other social networks like Twitter. Broadly speaking if a video on TikTok is gone then it is difficult to rediscover it. But the watch history will finally solve this problem.

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