The better looking widgets of Apple Music are available for everyone

For the die-hard Google users, it may not be the first choice but Apple Music is a very solid streaming choice even on Android. The company has done a fantastic job in implementing the platform with some staggering features that you will not find on iOS like some robust widgets complete wit playback controls. With the latest update, Apple Music is making the widgets even better and full of colors.
The latest update includes some enhancements to both of its widgets. The most striking of them all comes from matching colors with the album artwork. Though it is not up to the par with YouTube music’s Material You themes but Apple Music has finally dropped its default pink hue when a song is playing, matching the primary color from the associated art of the song. When the music is not playing it will go back to its usual appearance. The widgets are getting resized thus making more rooms in exchange for padding around the border of every tool.

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