YouTube Music casting to Android TV, Chromecast, and Google TV is broken

The fans of YouTube Music are able to access their favorite tunes across different devices whether those are wireless speakers, phones or smartwatches. Normally the options include ability to stream YTM to your Google TV, Android TV and Chromecast unless you are one of the numerous people trying to access it today.
Reports are that users can cast to things like Nest Hub or Google Assistant speakers but start running into problems with Android TV and Chromecasts. YouTube Music has been tested on Android TV and it had the same negative results. Some of the users are reporting same problem with main YouTube app but that is not common one. One user indicate the issue first sprung up on Thursday when he and his wife attempted to send a YTM cast to their Chromecast. Google has said that they are aware of these issues and they are working on it in order to fix it. IN addition to YouTube Music, the bug is also affecting YouTube Kids.

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