Russian Government has restricted its citizen’s access to Google News

Russia is continuing to put restrictions on freely available information and in a latest move they have blocked citizen’s access to Google News. The communications regulator of Russia accused the Google news service of providing the access to the false information on the country’s military operations in Ukraine.
Google has also confirmed that their services have been restricted from 23rd March which means the common Russians don’t have access to Google News. According to the news agency Interfax, the Russian communications regulator Roskomnadzor has provided a statement that says that the US based online news resource in question provided the access to number of publications and materials containing the inauthentic and publicly important information about the special military operation in Ukraine.
Russia continued putting barriers on the citizen’s access to the free information since the war against Ukraine about a month ago. Just recently Russia put a ban on Facebook and Instagram with the Moscow court ruling that Meta is involved in extremist activities.

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