Instagram’s chronological feed is making a grand return, but you can’t set it as default

every social network is opting to impose the algorithmic feeds and it is unclear if any of the users actually benefits from it but it is a reality that everyone has to face online. Both Facebook and Instagram offer algorithmic feeds instead of chronological ones and Twitter provides you the option to switch ‘Latest Tweets’ feed, Instagram does not have got a similar option. it is now changing as the chronological feed is making a return.
As it has been announced by Instagram, when opening the app, you will be able to tap on Instagram logo and switch from default order to two different options. The first one is Following, which shows latest posts in chronological order and the second one is Favorites which is an all-new previously leaked feature that will let you select a handful of favorite accounts in order to curate your feed and only see the posts from those accounts. You can set up to 50 accounts as “favorites”, which is ranked higher in existing algorithmic feed.
Unfortunately, algorithmic sorting is the default option and you can not set either of the other two feeds as primary. Instagram has said that its research indicated that most of the people are satisfied with how the existing feed does the things.

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