Google’s new Android Automotive logo will help us all tell it apart from Android Auto

Mobile technology has evolved dramatically and it has changed the driving experience. All of us know Android Auto as it connects your phone to your car’s infotainment system providing all the music, information and maps that you could possibly require as you navigate your route. Android Automotive, the new Google’s in-car software is not widely available yet but it continues to get the new features.

Android powers both the systems, Auto runs on your phone and then uses your vehicle’s in-dash screen and buttons as an interface, working in collaboration with your car manufacturer’s native system. On the other hand, Automotive is designed to be the native system of your car, providing audio, hand free calling, navigation and various other handy functionality while running directly on your car’s hardware. At the moment, Android Automotive is either available or coming soon to few car models. So it will take some time for most of use to get the experience of it.

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