WhatsApp will no longer force you to sit through the long voice notes

Whenever a new feature arrive for an iOS app it always frustrates the Android users. WhatsApp which is the most popular app for communication all around the globe but often, iPhone users will get the access of the new tools way before the Android users. Thankfully all of these features also make their way to Android as well. Now WhatsApp is coming up with another long-awaited feature i.e. the global voice player.
This tool will allow the users to listen to their voice notes while reading any other conversation on their device with the playback carrying on in the background. Previously when this feature was in development mode, a player bar appears along the top of the app as you navigate away keeping the voice notes or any other audio file play in the background. Communication is attached with multitasking especially on a phone where messaging is asynchronous. So it is always welcoming that WhaysApp is finally improving how it handles the voice clips on its app.

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