YouTube is planning to bring video transcriptions to its Android app

The average length of YouTube video has increased greatly over last few years. No more 10 minute clips as most of the videos now a days are well over half an hour these days with video essays and podcast uploads. With such lengthy videos finding your favorite quotes or sections can be very difficult. Transcriptions make your job very easy in order to search out a specific part of the video and now it has been headed to the mobile.
Until now you have to stick to the YouTube’s desktop site in order to see a transcription of your selected upload. With this new feature you don’t have to sit in front of your PC and scroll through a script. Once it is live all you have to do is to click on the “Show Transcript” button found just below the expanded description of the video sandwiched between the provided chapters and other suggested uploads from the channel.
The transcript options are very much similar to what has been available on the desktop for a while now but transposed to mobile friendly UI. You can scroll through full script on your phone either to read along with your video or to jump directly to a timecode. At the moment the transcripts on Android are coming through server-side update so one may not access it on his/her Android device.

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