Twitter is planning to join the world of podcast apps

Twitter now a days is experimenting with various new format content formats. After the introduction of Fleets, Twitter is reaching out to audio. They come up with audio chat rooms in Spaces. Now in order to buold up the feature, the company bought the podcast app Breaker.
At teardown expert Jane Manchun Wong shared a screenshot which was recently posted on Twitter. The microphone icon is at the bottom menu bat that appears to lead to Podcasts page when tapped. The rest of the screenshot is just a blank canvas so it is still not clear how podcasts would be integrated with the platform.
Spaces is also like a collection of podcasts as it allows the users to create chat rooms and record the conversation for others to listen later. Though they last only for a month but still it makes temporary podcasts and Twitter could easily turn those to permanent, letting the users to select from and listen to their favorite selections. Twitter will go head-to-head with similar offering like Apple and Spotify. Twitter has got a huge user base to support its podcast.

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