The User Interface of WhatsApp Contact List is Shifting Back to the Older Version

WhatsApp has recently introduced a new view for in-app contact list with two options which are Frequently contacted and Recent chats. The new update was supposed to make it simple and easy to navigate through contact list but on the other hand the reaction was negative one. After the user response, WhatsApp has now decided to turn back in new update.
The newly introduced WhatsApp version has nothing much included in terms of functionality, however, the previous contact list interface has been restored. The update came after some users expressed their dislike for the new user interface on Twitter. The developers were forced to revert the change after the backlash and now the users will be able to access their contact list as it they were doing previously. Prior to this update, WhatsApp contacts page did not display Recent chats sections and listed all the contacts in alphabetical order.
WhatsApp is receiving loads of updates since it has been purchased by Meta in 2015. one of them is the long-awaited revamped voice call interface that displays contact name, number and profile picture with call duration on top. WhatsApp is also all set to come up with Instagram-like message reactions.

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