Snapchat is going to Introduce Instagram Like Ads Within Stories

Snapchat has started testing a new monetization option for the creators. According to Snapchat, the revenue generated from the mid-roll ads will be shared with the creators which are also known as Snap Stars. This feature will be available for the creators who bring most entertaining and hilarious content to Snapchat, while the eligibility criteria is account engagement with more emphasis on public Stories, cultural relevance as well as content quality.
At the moment a few Snap Stars in USA are beta-testing the new mid-roll ads in public Stories who will also receive revenue share earned from ads. Previously Snapchat introduced Snap Spotlights which are TikTok-like short form videos. So far Snapchat has invested heavily in the new format which include spending $1 million per day in order to fund creators who are supporting the platform. Snap’s decision to share the ad revenue which are generated by Stories show the company is to ensure its continued growth and maintaining loyal creator base.

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