Google Chrome Has Finally Changed its Logo After Eight Years

Google is very active this year when it comes to app updates. First, they come up with an update Gmail layout and now they are coming up with updated Google Chrome logo after eight long years. But the difference is very hard to tell as the change is very minute. But if you will look at it closely you will be able to distinguish between the old one and the updated one.

The newly updated logo has got some bright colors and a large blue circle in the center without shadows. The colors are very vibrant this time after eliminating the previous shadows. Google is tweaking the main Chrome logo further in order to look more at home on Windows, MacOS and iOS. On the ChromeOS, the colors of the logo look more vibrant to complement to other system icons while on macOS, the logo provides a 3D look. On the other hand the colors in Windows 10 and 11 are more darker towards the bottom.

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