Twitter is Working on Tweets Without Character Limit

Most of the social media platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger and Gmail have brought many impressive changes this year. Now Twitter is also planning to come up with a big change as they are about to break the 280 characters limit per tweet.
According to Jane Manchin, a renowned reverse engineering expert, the company will soon introduce Twitter Articles feature. She also shared a screenshot of the Twitter web interface in one of her tweets. The image show the text “No articles yet” and “Create a Twitter Article” which says that users will soon be able to post long articles on Twitter.
At the moment, users can only tweet with 240 character limit per tweet and user can tweet longer ones with the help of threads. However with the new feature users will be allowed for longer text in a single tweet. Currently this feature is not accessible to the users and it is still not yet confirmed that when this feature will be available. Twitter has said that they will reveal all the details about Twitter Articles in the near future. In 2006 when, Twitter was launched, the character limit for a tweet was 140 which was later doubled to 280 in 2018.

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