WhatsApp will soon allow the users to react any message with emojis

WhatsApp may soon let its users to reacts with different emojis to messages just like the way users can react on Instagram DMs. WhatsApp has been working on this feature for quite some time now and according to some recent reports the feature is in its final stages.

WhatysApp will introduce this new feature for both iOS and Android users. With this new update WhatsApp will surely become more interactive and will improve the user experience. At the initial stage the feature will be limited to just six emojis and they might add more emojis later. The feature has not been introduced yet but it will be available for the users very soon. On the other hand the developers at WhatsApp are also working on increasing the time limit for ‘Delete for everyone’ feature. This will allow the users to delete already sent message for up to two days. Presently the time limit for deleting the messages after sending is 1 hour, eight minutes and 16 seconds. However now WhatsApp is planning to increase the time limit in order to let the users to delete the messages which were sent by mistake for a longer period of time.

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