YouTube is Planning to Add Some Handy Options to Android and iOS Players

YouTube is planning to introduce a new interface for its full screen player on Android and iOS applications with the addition of new elements. With the latest update it will be very easy for the users to like or dislike a video, view the comments section and share the video. The earlier interface hid most of these important features behind the swipe up gesture on the more videos section. In the latest update all the controls have been put on the bottom left side. Users can dislike the video but the counter has been hidden.
The related videos button has been shifted to the bottom right corner where it is now easily accessible. The changes can be seen when you watch the video in full screen mode. For the music videos the listening controls have been added at the center. The newly introduce interface will give more flexibility to the users while watching the videos in full screen mode.
The new interface provides easy access to the comments section with the video playing in the landscape mode. Previously comments have to be tapped in the portrait mode.

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