Meta is going to introduce 3D avatars to Instagram Stories.

Meta has just recently announced that it will be introducing 3D avatars to Instagram stories and for Facebook Messenger it will be rolling out the updated avatars. The new update will let the users in the US, Mexico and Canada to show their digital avatars in stickers, Facebook profile pictures and feed posts.
The 3D avatars will bring something new and unique for the users from diverse backgrounds . In order to support abled people and promote inclusivity the update has also come up with wheelchairs that can be used in stickers in Facebook, Instagram Stories and Messenger chats. You can also DM the stickers. The company is also trying their level best to improve the avatars by adjusting various facial features and also giving more detailed and authentic look.
The new update will let the users to use the same avatar on different platforms including Facebook and Instagram. Users will also have the option to create individual avatars for different platforms. The company introduced the avatars back in 2020 for competing with Snapchat’s Bitmoji feature and they are continuously enhancing them ever since. Now the company has introduced new avatar options for eyes, noses, hairstyles and beards in order to make them more personalized.

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