Google is coming up with new way to track its users

Google is tracking the people all across the web for quite some time now and they are using the results to display the ads of their choice. With this the company was able to generate $65.1 billion in revenue. Most of this revenue came from the ads during the 3rd quarter of 2021. it is a 41% increase from the last year.
Google is trying its level best to keep their business going up and running, as there are many competitors who have started to become more skeptical of the constant surveillance of company’s users in order to serve more useful ads.
Recently, Google has announced that they are tarting a new tracking project known as ‘Topics’. With Topics API for the Privacy Sandbox, the search engine giant is planning to group the web into 300 topics with more additions as the project rolls out. When the users hit one of the topics their ID is associated with them.
The company has not started providing the service, however once it will roll out researchers who have reservations will finally understand how Topics works and will answer any privacy concerns.

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