iPhone 13 Users Are Reporting Annoying Pink Screen Issue

Just like its predecessors, iPhone 13 series was also received well all around the globe. This lineup was launched in September 2021 and almost more than 40 million iPhone 13 models were sold in the holiday season. But this series is facing an annoying software issue.

Many iPhone 13 users have reported that they are facing a pink screen issue which is making the phone unusable and forces you to restart. According to Apple, this issue is caused by a software malfunction rather than a hardware problem. One user said that his iPhone 13 screen has turned into pink and started to crash randomly. Though Apple has replaced the models facing the issue but more users are now reporting this issue and since then no replacements have been made. This is because according to Apple, this is just a software issue and it will be automatically solved with future iOS update. It should be mentioned here that the cause of the pink screen issue is just random one. For many users it happens during the GPS navigation and for some it happens while taking the photos.

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