Xiaomi and Oppo are Planning to Break Fast Charging Records Very Soon

When it comes to fast charging, Chinese phones are always ahead of their competitors. Xiaomi, Vivo and various other companies have got the phones which are powered with 120W fast charging that can fully charge a 45,00 mAh battery in just 15-20 minutes. Now Xiaomi and Oppo are trying to hit 200W fast charging speeds. This means we can expect 200W fast charging in Oppo/Xiaomi phones very soon.

200W fast charging speeds was demonstrated by Xiaomi last year on Mi 11 Pro. The demonstration showed that 200W fast charging tech that can fully charge a 4,000 mAh battery completely in just 8 minutes. The battery can be charged 50% in just 3 minutes and 10% in 44 seconds. It has not been confirmed by Xiaomi that when 200W fast charging technology will be available for smartphones and chargers. However it has been reported that they are planning to mass-product it in 2nd quarter of 2022. On the other hand, Oppo started the mass production of 125W fast charging technology in 2021 and it is still not confirmed that when the company follows up with 200W fast charging.

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