Samsung Has Unveiled New TVs With Better Colors, Contrast and Gaming Features

Samsung has announced numerous new MicroLED, mini-LED and QLED TVs ahead of the official Consumer Electronics Show 2022. on top of the list is the new range of MicroLED TVs that Samsung’s claims, make use of the 25 million micrometer-sized LEDs in order to perfectly control the backlight of the screen.

It is actually the continuation of the modular MicroLED known as the Wall that Samsung has announced back at CES 2018. It is known known as the world’s first commercially available MicroLED TV and it will be made available for the retail in various sizes of 110”, 101” and 89” with a hefty price tag.


Samsung is premiering munerous new mini-LED TVs as Neo QLED TV lineup. One of the striking upgrades that we will see this year is the newly added feature known as Shape Adaptive Light Control that lets the screen to have better control over backlight by switching the backlight to the level that allows comfortable viewing without causing the eyestrain.

Frame TVs:

With some staggering additions to its Micro-LED and mini LEDs we can expect a lot from the next version of the Frame TVs. The next generation of the Frame TVs will provide new matte display which will be supported by anti-glare, anti-fingerprint and anti-reflection properties. Just like the previous years, the Frame will be available in different sizes varying from 32 to 85 inches.

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