Apple Has Become The First Company Worth $3 Trillion

The tech giant Apple has got a new milestone on Monday when it become the first ever company to hit the market cap of $3 trillion during the intraday trading before closing of the day at $182.01. it was the first ever company to hit $2 trillion back in the August 2020. The company has recorded very high revenue since COVID-19 pandemic has hit the globe. Apple products were sold in huge numbers as peoplw started work from home. This let the overall profits of the company to increase across the board.

Apple company sold almost 27 million pairs of the AirPods model over the holidays, driving 20% year-over-year growth for wearables during the quarter, from the recent data of Counterpoint Research, it has been revealed in China that the company continued to lead for the 2nd consecutive month beating the rivals like Xiaomi and Vivo. Apple biggest selling product is iPhone and the services business of Apple grew 25.6% year-over-year and it delivered more than $18 billion in revenue during the quarter. The valuation of $3 trillion is a very impressive achievement. However, Apple’s counterparts are not that far behind as both Microsoft and Alphabet are at $2 to $3 trillion range on the other hand Amazon and Tesla are resting in $1 to $2 trillion range.

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