Google is attempting to make its mark on metaverse with a new set of AR glasses

Metaverse is the next big thing that every major tech company is looking for. The jury is still out whether it has changed the world or not. It is though getting the due attention from the places that you might not think of. After Facebook, Google is also trying its luck on metaverse.

According to a report, Google is using its recent acquisition of North to make its mark on the virtual spaces. Google has brought the smart glasses maker in the summer of 2020 after the project failed to introduce a successor to the initial gadget. At that time, it was unclear what the company is intended to do with North though it now seems like a successor to Glass might be in the works. Although, North was working on other projects when it was acquired, its most notable gadgets was the Smart Glasses which paired the prescription lenses with projected display. It has been equipped with a built-in mic and ring controls which you wore on your finger.

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