YouTube is planning to test a revamped channel interface

YouTube is planning you polish as well as clean up its Android app’s interface once again. They have recently added some cool and dynamic coloring experiments and some new fullscreen features. It finally got rid of the gray status bar. Now the latest test is the full redesign of the channel page.

According to some reports, the profile picture of the channel has moved front and center in the new look with the name right below it. In the redesign there is a red subscribe link (or a gray subscribed) along with the current numbers of the subscribers. Both of them were already visible in the old variant. With the new interface there are more details coming out like it shows you numerous published videos and also a truncated channel description. Tapping on it takes you to the About tab where you can read full text and get more details about the channel. Then there is a Join link that lets you become a paid channel member for exclusive content and it is more prominent in the redesign. The header has grown bigger but YouTube has managed to show you up to three recent videos. That is all because the company only shows small thumbnail of the newset video opposed to the big preview highlighting latest clip.

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