Google Photos has brought Memories to web users

Google is planning to roll out its Memories features to Photos on web. It is a very popular addition to the mobile apps since its launch in 2019. the feature initially highlighted the photos and videos in a Timehop-meets-Instagram-Stories- style but it soon expanded to add the spotlights on some particular people, trips, pets as well as recent highlights. The newly introduced roll-out was first seen by a German language smartDroid and it has been confirmed by various different AP writers.
Now in the newly introduced feature for web, users will be able to see a carousel of the memories that when will be clicked once will reveal familiar stories interface spending 10 seconds on every photo or video before moving to the next. By pressing the down key or just tapping on the down arrow located at the bottom of the screen will expand the highlight into a list of boxes so that you can instantly browse them manually.

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