Spotify is Testing a New Feature in order to Compete With TikTok

TikTOk has become the most popular lip syncing app for making vertical videos with some audio of your choice playing in the background. After the huge success of TikTok, apps like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and YouTUbe has also tried the vertical video style. The new competitor in town is Spotify which is trying to test out similar feature that will display a feed of vertical videos which is called Discover.
This latest feature is related to Canvas, which is a feature from Spotify that lets the musicians to replace static album art or song pages with the short videos. The videos which appear on Discover tab are the Canvas videos which are cropped into the vertical formats. Users can swipe vertically between two corresponding clips and can like the videos by giving heart which will add them to the list of liked songs. Spotify has revealed that the new feature is at the moment only for testing the potential of such a feature indicating that Discover might not get public release unless it is acclaimed worldwide.

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