Facebook Has Delayed End-to-End Encryption for Messenger and Instagram

Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram has delayed the integrating end-to-end encryption in Messenger and Instagram until 2023. This move has come amid the reports from the child safety campaigners expressing the concerns that end to end encryption will be helpful for the abusers as it will protect them from detection.
Meta is under pressure from the child safety campaigners to abandon the plans. Some of the politicians has also expressed the concerns and said that it is simply not acceptable. WhatsApp has already got end-to-end encryption, Messenger and Instagram can be set to send the messages using E2EE manually. Antigone Davis who is the head of Safety at Meta has said that the delay is due to the concerns regarding the safety of the users. Davis has said that the main responsibility of Meta is to ensure the safety of its users. Once the end-to-end encryption will be available for the Messenger and Instagram, the company will try it best to keep the users safe and use a combination of the non-encrypted data across the apps,, account information and reports from the users.

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