WhatsApp is Going to Launch New Apps for Windows and MacOS

WhatsApp Desktop/WhatsApp Web is there for quite some time now but it is just a PC version of the mobile app with limited features. But all of this is about to change soon as according to some Italian reports WhatsApp is now working on new app for Windows and macOS. The Italian media has also shared some screenshots as well as gifs of the new version of WhatsApp that shows how it works and how it looks.
WhatsApp UWP will be designed with Windows 11 in mind and it will have similar aesthetics like semi-transparent panels as well as rounded corners. It will work when it is closed which means you will keep getting notifications all the times and the app will take no longer than a second to start. WhatsApp UWP lets it to be used on Xbox as well. The new app will also come up with the drawing feature and it will come up handy for the ones with touch-screen device. We will have more control over the app with extended Settings menu. The Settings menu includes detailed categories for Chats, Accounts, General, Storage, Notifications and Help. Now the app look more Windows app and it more like a Windows version of Skype with green chat bubbles.

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