PayPal is Planning to Acquire Pinterest for $45 Billion

PayPal is one of the most famous and biggest online payment platforms and they are now in talks to acquire Pinterest for $45 billion. If the talk is successful between the two companies then this will be the biggest social media acquisition in the history. Previously the biggest acquisition was of LinkedIn which was sold to Microsoft for $26.2 billion in 2016. PayPal is offering $70 per share for getting Pinterest. If everything goes to plan then the deal should be announced in next month right when the PayPal is going to report its quarterly earnings.

It is still not clear that whether the deal will be successful and the terms of the deal could change. After the acquisition of Pinterest, PayPal will be able to capture more of a e-commerce market where loads of online shoppers follow the influencers on various different platforms. This will help Paypal to diversify the sources of income with the advertising revenue. When Pinterest went public two years ago it was valued at $13billion but during the pandemic it has seen a significant growth.

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