Redmi Watch 2 is Launching Soon With Redmi Note 11

Redmi is going to host a product launch event in the coming days where it will announce Redmi Note 11 series which include Note 11 and Note 11 Pro. Xiaomi has confirmed that they are going to see Redmi Watch 2 at the event. The confirmation of this news comes with a teaser from Redmi where they showed Redmi Watch 2 where you can see watch face.

Redmi Watch has got a curved screen plus it has got a re-positioned side button which is now locating in the middle on the right side. We can expect a bigger screen for Redmi Watch 2. it has also been reported that the watch may come with 3 color options which include blue, beige and black. It will also be equipped with a health monitoring and sports recording features.

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