Continuous Scroll for Google Search Results Will be Displayed on Mobile

Google Search is now going through a change that will let the users to continuously scroll the results on the mobile devices. With the most recent update, Google Search on mobile will list out the results automatically when the users will scroll to bottom of the result page. The newly introduced feature will eliminate the requirement to click on the button on order to get more and more results.

Google has announced the introduction of continuous scrolling on the mobile devices. With the latest update, users can reach the bottom of the search results page on their phone. The new Google Search feature will be helpful for the people who browse multiple pages for seeing additional results. Google brings the new updates to its users at regular intervals. At the start of this year, Google launched a redesign of Google Search results page on mobile for making the searching easy and quick. The five aspects of the redesign are bringing information into focus, creating more breathing room, making text easier, using colour to highlight and leaning into the Googley feeling.

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