Google Maps Getting New Widget to Allow Android Users Start Navigation Right From the Home Screen

Google Maps is going to get a new homescreen widget that will let the Android users to start navigation faster. The new update is part of the Google releasing the new widgets for its main apps like Google Phone, YouTube Music, Calculator, Google Keep and Clock with the introduction of stable version of Android 12. The new widget of Google Map will be equipped with a search bar, shortcuts to nearby stores and the most visited locations for instantly beginning route navigation.

The search widget appears to be supporting the dynamic theming on devices running on Android 12 of colours. If you are using Android 11, the app will use blue accent colours like Google’s other widgets. The new Google Maps search widget is similar to two iOS widgets which were released earlier in July. The first widget lets the users to check the nearby restaurants or the gas stations easily with just few taps. It also shows the shop opening times as well as restaurants reviews. The users of iOS can add the widgets directly by tapping Edit in the Today View or pressing the + icon in the editing mode on the homescreen.

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