Canon has announced new 8K VR-capturing lens

Canon has announced new lens for EOS R mirrorless camera system. The RF 5.2mm F2.8 L Dual Fisheye Lens will be equipped with the two lenses which are 60mm apart. These lens are used for creating VR content and it can shoot up to 8K footage. The two lenses work together in order to produce parallax effect which can be used for creating 3D 180-degree VR images. When it is attached to EOS R5 mirrorless camera which is likely the only one camera it will work with.

The EOS VR system has been developed by nurturing the optical technologies of Canon and EOS interchangeable lens camera system. It provides high quality images coupled with efficient production workflow. The workflow refers to the camera using single CMOS image sensor to capture the light that enters each eye of the lens. Users will also be capable of capturing the light that enters the eye of the lens. Users can also use EOS Utility tool in order to conduct the remote shooting and Camera Connect application that allows them to check images and change the camera settings by using their phones.

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