Facebook Has Got Reels to Compete with TikTok

Facebook is competing with it’s rival TikTok with the introduction of Instagram Reels into its app. With this Facebook will add a section of short videos into its app. The concept of short videos was introduced by TikTok and it became so popular that others also copied it like YouTube introduced YouTube Shorts, Snapchat introduced Spotlight and Instagram introduced Reels.

Now Reels on Facebook are similar to Instagram. They will be called Facebook Reels and they will work just like Instagram Reels. Initially this feature is introduced in US on Android and iOS. Facebook Reels will contain music and audio effects. It will also be seen on the News Feed and Groups.

You will be allowed to follow the creator and comments on their posts while watching the video. You can also easily share the video with your friends. Facebook is also working on a way which will let the Instagram users to have their Reels recommended on Facebook app. You can sense that in future the Reels feature will be fully integrated between Facebook and Instagram. Facebook Reels will have AR effects, countdowns and timers. It will also allow you to control the playback speed and can add external audio. Reels will be visible to the ones who are above 18 but it can be changed through settings.

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