Chrome 94 has been released for Android, Linux, Windows and macOS

Chrome 94 update has been released by Google for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac operating systems. This update will be rolled out over the coming days and it will bring new security features, new functionality and also bug fixes. IN the past Chrome update was released in every six weeks. The features include HTTPS-First mode that makes the users browsing more securely. Google has said that the 19 different security issues were fixed un the Chrome 94 version.
Chrome94 has introduced HTTPS-First mode and it is available in Chrome for the desktop systems and for Android. HTTPS is more secure than HTTP and many websites support it. With the latest update, the browser will show full-page warning when the user loads a site that does not support HTTPS. This will ensure the privacy when you use public Wi-Fi.
Chrome 94 lets Android tablets to host the desktop websites. It can also allow inactive tab groups to be frozen and automatically start Progressive Web Apps. It shows a refreshed UI on Android plus it shows updated table renders on webpages. Chrome 94 for the desktop is now getting 32 bug fixes and enhancements. There is a new feature that brought by Chrome 94 for desktops is sharing hub. It allows the users to copy the links, get QR code and also share to 3rd-party websites. The option to Send to your devices in just available for the ones who are signed-in.

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